Offering tailored and specialised construction compound solutions for the Industrial, commercial, domestic, construction & precast concrete companies in South Africa. Our comprehensive range of products and services are based on our 3 pillars of quality that drive everything we do:

Service: Our leaner, more direct structures ensure we can offer quicker turnarounds on quotes orders and deliveries, with clients dealing directly with management who can make the key decisions. We have no big international overlord to dictate our terms, we make our own terms that suit our specific clients. We always offer full technical assistance and training to our clients to ensure they get the best out of our products every time. Our smaller size means we can offer wholesale prices on smaller quantities for smaller construction operations as well.

Components: We offer a wide range of chemical solutions such as: Mould Release Oil, Concrete Curing compounds, Concrete Admixtures, Epoxy Adhesives, High Strength Non-Shrink Grouts & High Alumina based Concrete Repair Mortars, joint sealing, Waterproofing, Industrial flooring & Epoxy flooring, Acid proof lining Keying & Bonding agents using only the best quality components. Our top quality inputs (like Styrene/Butadiene Rubber latex) deliver products with better flexibility and quality that can be used in more situations, for a wider range of issues. What we put in is what our clients get out - a harder, more durable, more consistent result. We believe there is no substitute for careful, accurate development of products to strict specifications to deliver exactly what our clients need to get the job done right first time, every time.

Customisation: All of our products are made to strict specifications, which can be tailored to our clients’ specific conditions and requirements. Our innovative and experienced team know how to create a lasting solution to numerous challenging issues and can adapt to the smaller as well as bigger jobs with just as much ease. We offer training on site for each specific solution (no generic handbooks!) and can offer technical advice on a wide range of chemical compound options.

Stanton Construction Chemicals Our flexibility is your strength!