About Us

Stanton Construction Chemicals

Stanton Construction Chemicals (SCC) offers tailored and specialized construction compound solutions for the industrial, commercial, domestic, formwork, construction & precast concrete companies in South Africa. SCC are committed to producing the highest quality construction chemical products that are design in South Africa to meet the harsh African conditions.

Company History

SCC is a young and dynamic company founded by Neville Stanton in 2011, In 2015 the company took on a new partner Brian Dillon. Combined they have 34 years’ experience in the construction, concrete and construction chemicals industry.

Neville Stanton has a National Diploma in Civil Engineering and has been in the construction & construction chemicals industry for over 18 years, where he has built up a wealth of experience working with a wide range of construction companies both big and small.

Brian Dillon a concrete technologist with over 16 years experience in the construction and concrete industry. In this time he has run the concrete and materials lab for one of South Africa's biggest construction houses. Been an industry specialist to a major local chemical company and been technical manager for the construction chemicals division in South Africa for the world largest chemical company. In this time he gained a wealth of experience in the designing and the use of a variety highly specialised construction materials.